And Like Everything Else It Must Come To An End

So here I am again with the last post I will create.

2 months are nearly over and I am more then happy to go back to Germany and finally be able to enjoy a beautiful weather.Although I have to say it wasn’t that bad in Belfast and the 2 months went by really fast because I had a lot of work to do. I learned a lot over here mostly more then I do in 2 months in Germany. And it is true if I could take something with me from here it would be the great team I was working with. They are all really nice people and very handsome. Also they didn’t even charged me for sending back a package with a weight of about 10kg. This normaly costs a lot but they sended it for me from out of the Company for free. God bless that kindness! I will miss this workplace even tho it was a hard time for me since I was working in a completely new area. But it also was a lot of fun and very refreshing. I was able to experience a lot of things and also to improve my skills.

As for this is a review of mine don’t wonder but it will be a larger post then usual.

For the last weak I already told you guys what my task is right now but nevertheless I am looking forward to come as far as I can with it. I also want to thank my boss and the team in this post for being very patient with me because I really had a lot of questions and they were as kind as they possible could be and helped me out no matter what the question was.

Another thing about Belfast that I really won’t miss is the housing. Yeah I know one would possibly say „you aren’t in holidays“ but well yeah its not like I am at home the whole day. But when I am home it is very hard to feel comfortable. At least the first thing to do in Germany is taking a long hot shower without water that turns from hot to cold to hot to cold again…will be a bless!

All in all I would recommend such an experience to everyone since life isn’t always as beautiful as in story’s. Here you feel how life really is and take full responsibility about what you do and what not. Also I recommend this Company as well to experience hard work and get a high feeling of organizational skills because without them you will get lost in here.


So that’s mostly it for this blog. I hope I was able to give you all a quick view of how it went during the 2 months.


Farewell folks. =)

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