Good food and life can be a bitch


Yesterday I went to Rips and Bibs and I’ve ate a good steak it was very delicious and even looks very good.

There was only one problem. I wanted to make a picture of it for the blog but right after I ordert my food my Smartphone was shuting down so after a noticed it I tried to start it again and I was afraid my battery could be empty but I checked my battery befor so that would have be wierd and my battery wasn’t the problem in the end. My smartphone just got a software update and was installing it now while the installation was in progress I couldn’t use my phone and was cursed to wait until the updates are done. When my phone finally started I allready ate the steak. I even asked the Waitress if she could take the picture for me and send it to me via blutooth when my phone is started and she also wanted to help me and got her phone allready and then we found out that her Phone is dead…

Yeah perfect isn’t it xD

ok I did some pictures after I ate the steak of course the arent the way I wanted them but the are funny… ok it’s the situation which is funny for me I’m sure you’ll get the joke 🙂




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