What A Lazy Last Weekend

So the last weekend in Belfast went by and yeah it was kind of just chilling and doing stuff like booking the flight and so on.

To begin with we went to the market one last time the last weekend to arrange some souvenirs and things like that. I also went a bit overboard compared to how much food I consumed that day. I was eating a 12oz Burger and also half of a 6oz burger afterwards which Lukas wasn’t able to finish 😀

I also was able to find some nice scarfs for my mum and some nice smelling tea which she was wishing for. Right after that we went to Lidl to get some drinks for the next days and I also got a new package of Twinkies while I was at it in the 1£ shop. I hope that i can take a package with me to Germany for my brother and myself although I think it might be forbidden but I will have a research on that anyway again. After that we went to a shake bar and I had a real nice Mars-Shake but they could have left out the marshmallows to be honest.

Anyway I went to Marcel later on to book the flight for next Saturday and yeah that’s mostly it.


See you next time folks.

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