Back to Berlin again

Today we went back to Germany again. We had to get the taxi at 4:30 AM in the morning. Luckily it brought us directly to the Belfast international Airport. We had to check in our luggage and I hoped, that my luggage isn’t too heavy because I wanted to bring some gifts back to Germany. But it shouldn’t be too heavy because I checked the weight with a portable luggage scales. And even if the luggage where too heavy I would get out some clothing and wear them all over the flight. Maybe it would get really hot. The flight took about two hours and thirty minutes again. I hoped, that we can land at the Airport Schönefeld. I was worried about the weather conditions some days ago in Berlin where some parts of it got flooded. In YouTube Videos some funny people went out and swam outside of their flats so deep was the water on the streets. But the weather was good and we had been able to land at airport Schönefeld. We got out of the plane and waited for our luggage. I wanted to get home fast, because during the internship I heard from my mother, that one of my guinea pigs named Lines went ill and she had to care about him. I wanted to see him. When I came home he was luckily in a good condition. The last thing that I had to do on that day was to get my vending machine. I found a guy on eBay who sells these and I asked him if I can visit him today at 4 PM to get the vending machine. It was a heavy day and I wanted to go to bed now because tomorrow we had to go to school again.