Language And Linguistic Usages

As I’m lagged a bit with my blogposts, not because I’m too lazy to write them, it’s just the fact that there’re not many exciting things happen over here to write about to be honest, I’m trying to write another blogpost about a more general topic like my last one again. So today’s topic is going to be about my language improvements and general linguistic usages of the Belfast people which I could recognize so far in the past seven weeks.

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Well, some of you may have noticed from my previous blogposts that sports and food play a huge role in my life. And as I’ve mentioned already before, that I’m homesick constantly, the best medicine against it are sports and cooking in my case. For me it’s like meditation and being active at the same time.

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Barbecue And A Breath Of Summer

I could hardly believe that the weather forecast kept it’s promise actually! The whole last week we made all jokes about that this is too good to be true for Belfast and it’s actually impossible to have a whole warm and sunny weekend without any rain. But this weekend was one of the few exceptions indeed. All sunny, all warm and no rain. While writing these lines I still can’t believe it really.  I mean one of the best personal experiences I’m going to take home is not complaining about, no, even appreciating the German weather from now on! As we say in German „Schlimmer geht’s immer!“, which means something like „It can always get worse!“.

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Sixth Week Of Work At Locate a Locum

Guys, do you remember I told you about my task designing/ building a „About Us“ site? Not only I was able to finish it this week, I also finished the next task designing/ building a „FAQ“ site as well! This work week has been one of the best ones by far! Very happy and proud about the results!

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