Eight And Last Week Of Work At Locate a Locum

Let’s talk about my eight and last week of work at Locate a Locum.

I’ve talked about it at my previous blogpost already but there’ve to be some more happenings added of course.

Monday:  My whole day consisted of bureaucracy, bureaucracy and again bureaucracy. Being a part of an program of the EU and Eramus+ means a lot of papers, contracts and formalities as well. My whole Europass had to be changed as the tasks on my certificate weren’t complete and there was another mistake about my target degree as well, which made me a bit angry, because they were so many similar mistakes made by the whole agency that it didn’t surprise me anymore to be honest. Everything was corrected in the end but if I wouldn’t have checked it correctly, then I’d have a problem for sure back in Germany because it has to be signed by my supervisor in Belfast.

Tuesday: Building the email contact form again (read previous blogpost for more details) and going to the agency for the final meeting and talk.

Wednesday & Thursday: Trying to build and finish a slick-carousel feature for the „Permanent Jobs“ sections. Those jobs, which are available for locums, shouldn’t be displayed tabulated anymore but with a slideshow of the map cutouts, inspired by Airbnb. Let me show you the inspiration:

Friday: Finishing and checking last organizational stuff and scanning a lot of corrected Europass documents for the agency. Cleaning and packing all my stuff and starting to say goodbye to almost everyone in the whole co-working office space (you can imagine there were quite a few goodbyes, if you considering the whole amount of people in such a co-working office).

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to finish the feature anymore, which I was talking before, but hey, I’ve finished so many other features already, that I can be proud of. All in all I was very happy with the result and speed of my work at Locate a Locum. I got faster and improved myself towards the end, which is the most important part of the whole internship (besides of linguistic improvements of course).