More rain than anywhere else

So, today is Friday. Overall a day to be happy about, because the weekend just started. And still it’s something that keeps bothering me. Oh, I know, it’s the RAIN!!

I don’t think I will ever get used to the amounts of rain here. But well, gonna have to live with it. We’re still not doing much, besides the usual unlocking of accounts or setting up a PC.

But there was one thing that made this day stand out in comparison to the others. On last Saturdays hill-climb I got to know a blacksmith who works in the museum. I had a little talk with him back then and told him that I also wanted to try out forging. So he told me to drop by on his forge the other day. And that was what we did in the later afternoon.

We only had a map of our area and our instincts to guide us. What else do I need to say… we went straight across the areas not knowing where we were.

But after about 15 minutes we found our destination, just about to see that it was closed just recently … sigh

Well, nothing to do about that, but at least I now know where it is, maybe I will give it another try next week.