A day with our girls

The biggest part or of group was going to have the same tour I had with my mom a few weeks ago to the Giant’s Causeway. And so I asked Marie and Pegah if they had any plans for today. They both didn’t had anything to do in particular, and so we met for ourselves and had a very fun day.

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Mood swings: bad to good to bad to undefined

Yesterday was a quite mixed day. But let me start from the beginning.

On Saturday I woke up quite late and a little bit tired. I didn’t sleep as good as I hoped to. So my mood was a little bit subdued. But that might also have been the case because I was very hungry.

So I went to the Tesco, got myself something to eat, and on the way back I enjoyed the weather. It was very warm, sunny and quiet, just the way I like it. So my mood went up by quite a bit.

After my 2p.m.-breakfast I felt even better thinking this will be a good day. I started my Computer, watched some videos and had a talk with a few friends of mine. As the day went on, my group organized a pub-tour, which sounded nice. But somehow again my mood went down a bit, I can’t really explain why.

Non the less I went with them thinking it would be a nice evening. At that point I didn’t know how wrong I was.

On our first stop it was rather very full of people and they were louder than the music. Definitely not what I like, but hey, spending time with the group is fun… sigh.

After two or three hours later we went to the next pub. And there it was even worse. At that point I was looking like grumpy cat just being annoyed by anything and everything. That was the moment I decided to go home, I hate huge amounts of people in little spaces shouting to each other to understand that they were saying.

On my way back I at least saw the city center being lit up in the union jack.

At home I still heard a slight tinnitus in my ears telling me that it was way to loud. So I just gave up on everything and went to bed. Screw that day.

time, where are you and why are you running away??

I’ve just realized that from today we will have another 3 weeks here and that’s it for us in Ireland. Never would I have imagined that time can fly by so fast.

Today was my lazy day… again, but at some point I need a little off of everything. Just sleep long, not doing much and enjoy the day as it is. A few day ago I had a little talk with a cashier about the Marvel Universe ( a comic universe about superheros/-villains) and she told me a few things I did not know about some characters. So I took my time and watched a few movies to keep up with the lore.

I know, this is not how I was supposed to spend my time here, but after all I still have some time left, and also I planed on doing it anyways. So hey, I did everything I wanted. And I think this is the most important thing in life: do what you want so that you can grow.

By the way, I’m sorry I didn’t put any pictures or videos in my last posts, but I just haven’t seen any opportunity to make some pictures that I want to show.