Hill Climb

Today was the Hill Climb event and of course I won’t miss it, so Konrad and I went to nine o‘ clock on work. There we met with our colleagues at the Menor. (The Menor is a Villa on the property of the museum) Audi had exhibited five cars and some other people exhibited there oldtimer. At first we helped our colleague to lay a network cable outside. We crimped it three times but it never worked and suddenly I had a idea: maybe the distance is to long? Long story short, we attached a little switch and it worked! For the rest of the day we had nothing to do anymore, except to fill the generator two times with petrol. Sadly I couldn’t enjoy the whole day because I had some problems with my pollen allergy.

All in all, the motor race went well except two cars had a small accident. Before I write more about the cars it’s better I show you some pictures because: one picture is worth a thousand words.

For translation in german and better quality of the pictures, click here