Back in Berlin

Yesterday we all had to went back to Berlin. My bag I packed the day before because my alarm clock was ringing at 3:30am the next day. Konrad and I carried our bags down and deducted the bed linen. Our taxi came at 4:30am but before I „destroyed“ the rest of the food from the fride. The taxi was on time and after we picked up Philipp, we went straight to the airport. Our flight was a little faster than planned, so I landed at 12am in Berlin and ate a kebap whit two friends where I regulary eat it.
The two months in Belfast were really relaxing. The people there showed understanding and had a certain calmness.
Today, I had school and tomorrow we will have a english exam. I am curious how it will run, since I should hold a small presentation about me.

The last days

The end of my internship comes closer and closer. At work there were no special tasks. We all went to the Ulster museum because we had a meeting with the company to discuss and plan how to lay some network cables in the building.
At lunch our boss Robin was so friendly and invited us to the restaurant opposite the museum. I ordered a „open sandwich“. As the waitress came I noted what a „open sandwich“ really is. She put a plate with bread, tomatoes, cucumber, ham salad, cheese and more in front of me on the table. Ok, I haven’t eaten all of it but I have probably eaten more vegetables than the whole year.
Yesterday, on our last working day our boss invited us a second time to a restaurant. This time another employee we had met over the course of time and some colleagues came with us. We drove to an fish restaurant and therefore all of us ate „fish and chips“ except for me. I ate chicken because I don’t like to eat fish. The food was good and I was fed up.


The last days I learned so much about 3D modelling so, I started the creation of a Raspberry 3 case. Ok, it’s true if you’re searching for Raspberry cases in the internet you find a lot but can you find a case that holds a Raspberry and the VGA board?

Sure I didn’t started from zero. First I searched for a case that look like a mini computer and then redesigned it. Additionally I attached the „NMPI“ logo for the museum. It looks me two days for the creation and the printer firstly printed approximately four hours and for the next part it needed even more time.

Otherwise the work is relaxed and the weather cools slowly down again.

New thinclients

New thin-clients

Yesterday it was planned to change the thin-clients in the warehouse and in the Ulster museum. The last days our colleagues worked on creating a system image for this. After they were done we first went to the warehouse which is located in the harbour area. Because there store expensive and rare things our visit had to be registered before. We changed the clients but when we startet the virtual desktop we suddenly had an error. We only got a black screen. Unfortunately we couldn’t fix the problem, so we drove to the Ulster museum. As soon as we changed the client we got the same problem.

Today our colleagues searched in the internet for a solution. They found information’s about the compability of the versions and discovered that the software was to new. Therefore, they created a new image and after that we drove again to the warehouse and the Ulster museum for changing the thin-clients. Finally there were no problem!

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Ingress and pub touer

Hooray, it’s finally weekend!

When I was on the way back home I had spontaneously arranged a meeting with Dominik to eat something. On my way I bought some bacon since we wanted to cook some fried potatoes. When I arrived at his house, we immediately started cooking and finally ate relaxed together. It was really good to see another face under the week. Because all the others went to Philipp to play Monopoly, Dominik and I went there too. From the outside we could hear them laugh. There were René, Max, Konrad and of course Philipp. We enjoyed the evening but hadn’t played Monopoly.

On saturday (the 17th), Dominik and I met again because he wanted to accompany me on my eight km Ingress Tour. This time we started at the Queen’s University, went through Belfast and at least to the Titanic Museum. For our tour we needed four hours and luckily the weather was optimally sunny but not to warm.

After this we met with the others because René planned a little Pub Tour. The first Pub was really full so we decided to go to the next one. There we spent some time before we went to another Pub and there we had much fun too! All in one it was a really great evening!

Today, on sunday it was warm. I tried to play something on my notebook but then left it. At last I decided to lay down in bed and watch the series „Guardians of the galaxy“.

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Hello switchy

As I wrote in the previous article, the last days I was busy editing some 3D models but today I had a new task. My boss Robin gave me a big package. I could read the sign: A new Hp 5130 switch! To that he laid two SFP transceiver and asked me to install the newest firmware. After that I configured the device. Once in a while I even played a little bit around on a Hp switch but it was a virtual one. I personally like Hp more because I don’t like the marketing of Cisco. Therefore, I was happy to configure a switch of Hp.

The firmware upgrade is a little bit different on Hp switches than on Cisco devices. I write it down here if you’re interested.

The first step ist easy: connect the console port to the switch and proceed as follows:



[HP-Vlan-interface1]ip address



Press CTRL+C to abort.

Connected to (

220 Welcome to Quick ’n Easy FTP Server

User ( admin

331 Password required for admin


230 User successfully logged in.

Remote system type is UNIX

ftp> binary

200 Type set to BINARY

ftp> get 5130EI-CMW710-R3207.ipe

227 Entering Passive Mode (192,168,1,2,4,0)

150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for file transfer.

226 Transfer complete

65836032 bytes received in 432.492 seconds (148.66 Kbytes/s)

ftp> bye

221 Bye

<HP>boot-loader file flash:/5130EI-CMW710-R3207.ipe slot 1 main

Verifying the IPE file and the images…….Done.

HP 5130-24G-PoE+-4SFP+ (370W) EI Switch images in IPE:



This command will set the main startup software images. Continue? [Y/N]:Y

Do you want to overwrite files without prompt? [Y/N]:Y

Add images to slot 1.

Decompressing file 5130ei-cmw710-boot-r3207.bin to flash:/5130ei-cmw710-boot-r3207.bin…..Done.

Decompressing file 5130ei-cmw710-system-r3207.bin to flash:/5130ei-cmw710-system-r3207.bin……………………………………….Done.

The images that have passed all examinations will be used as the main startup software images at the next reboot on slot 1.


After the upgrade Robin took some of his time to configure the switch with me. We configured all security related options and prepared the switch to test it. The goal is to get the old blade system from the administration building to our location (the IT building). For this we had the SFP connections.

Here is the configuration of the 10Gbit/s ports:

interface Ten-GigabitEthernet1/0/25

description *** Uplink to core sw1 port ## ***

port link-type trunk

undo port trunk permit vlan 1

port trunk permit vlan 2 700 999



And here the configuration of the normal Gigibit ports:

interface GigabitEthernet1/0/17

port link-type hybrid

undo port hybrid vlan 1

port hybrid vlan 2 untagged

port hybrid pvid vlan 2

poe enable


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3D nameshields

Sine the last few days wasn’t much going on, I decided to create some 3D logos. First I designed my Nytron logo in 3D and then I printed it. My boss Robin directly searched for the logo of the National Museum Northern Ireland; NMNI because he said my logo looks really good. I customized the logo with Adobe Illustrator, designed it in 3D and finally printed it. Along with Konrad I tried to paint it with sponges and spray cans. The result isn’t perfect but it’s okay.

Oh, and I made a time lapse video while it printed the Nytron logo.

Because everybody liked the logos I began to create nameplates for Robin and our colleague Gareth. Also these were a success! The next day Gareth showed us his nameplate because his girlfriend painted it colorful. Not bad!

The next few days I spent creating some models. For example: Dog tags.

Apart from that I installed and encoded a laptop and changed some cables. On my virtual Windows servers I changed the network cards from 1Gbit to 10Gbit because my storage is faster than 125MB/s.

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Tour to Dublin

On saturday nearly all members of our group came with us to Dublin. Around eight o’clock we met near Great Victoria street to take the bus. Luckily Dominik was so kind and bought the tickets last wednesday. Many thanks again! The bus drive lasted approximately two and a half hours and actually Dominik and I wanted to take a nap meanwhile but as so often we talked to much. The ride was very pleasant and there were always nice views of the landscape.

As we arrived in Dublin we first walked a bit around but a little later Philipp and I split up from the group to play Ingress. Because we had played we walked much and saw many things. Actually, you can also view the game as a kind of travel guide. As we walked, I quickly noticed clear differences between Dublin and Belfast; Dublin is much bigger and in my opinion clearly european, moreover you can notice it is full of tourists. Due to this I like Belfast much more. In the evening we all met again and went to eat at a korean restaurant before we went back to Belfast.

Back home the evening wasn’t over yet. Some of the group members came to Konrads and my house to drink something. In the end we all talked so much that it was very late and René decided to sleep at our house.

The sunday I spent (more or less wanted) almost completly with sleeping. Sometimes it has to be like this, right?

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