3D nameshields

Sine the last few days wasn’t much going on, I decided to create some 3D logos. First I designed my Nytron logo in 3D and then I printed it. My boss Robin directly searched for the logo of the National Museum Northern Ireland; NMNI because he said my logo looks really good. I customized the logo with Adobe Illustrator, designed it in 3D and finally printed it. Along with Konrad I tried to paint it with sponges and spray cans. The result isn’t perfect but it’s okay.

Oh, and I made a time lapse video while it printed the Nytron logo.


Because everybody liked the logos I began to create nameplates for Robin and our colleague Gareth. Also these were a success! The next day Gareth showed us his nameplate because his girlfriend painted it colorful. Not bad!

The next few days I spent creating some models. For example: Dog tags.

Apart from that I installed and encoded a laptop and changed some cables. On my virtual Windows servers I changed the network cards from 1Gbit to 10Gbit because my storage is faster than 125MB/s.

For translation in german and better quality of the pictures, click here