Quiz Night with Intern Europe

My second week in belfast started great the weather is getting slightly better and I’am getting used to the food. On tuesday i started work a little earlier so I would have time to go to the gym before our Quiz Night with Intern Europe starts. The gym isnt as big as I hoped it would be but that will be enough for 2 months. When i came home at 6 pm i had to be quite fast because I wanted to get to the Parlour for the Quiz Night in time. We were put into groups with other people but they were mostly germans also, it was a funny evening so we decided to stay a little longer till around 1 am in the morning which I instantly regretted after I woke up.

It was a nice evening and I’d like to thank Intern Europe for it

My impressions after the first week in Belfast

The first days in Belfast were very hard for me, it was rainy and cold so we decided to go to the pub on our first evening here. Unfortunately it was on easter sunday and all pubs closed at 10 pm so we decided to go back home. On monday we walked around the city and tested some pubs, again. I struggled very much with the city because in our flat it was cold all the time and the kitchen was quite bad. On Tuesday we had the first meeting with Intern Europe where they showed us a video about Belfast, before doing a some sightseeing, it was of course still raining all the time. I went to sleep pretty early on Tuesday because I was very nervous about my first day at work.

My first day of work:

Intern Europe told me that the NMNI is pretty big so I would most likely get lost on my first day, and well exactly that happened so my supervisor Robyn had to search me. At first A was introduced to everyone and they showed me the musuem, it has a huge outdoor park where I have to get through to reach my office. My coworkers Graham and Gareth are very kind and showed me everything, im sure it will be a great work experience. After the introduction they showed me what my next days would look like, in the beginning i will mostly set up PCs for new Users create an Account in the Domain for them and get their workplace ready. After my first day of work I had mixed feelings it still was cold in the flat and I still had some backpains from the sleep on my „bed“, but nevertheless Im sure it will be a good time and my flatmates already told me that it will get warmer. On thursday not much happened at work ive set up PCs the whole day with which I will equip a new office on friday. On friday i was verz excited about the first real weekend in Belfast which we of course started with a night in the pubs the nightlife here is actually great but also quite expensive so I spend about 60£ in one evening (totally worth it). On saturday I woke up with a huge hangover so I couldnt do that much over the day. On sundaz finally it became much warmer so we visited the St Georgs market where they mostly sell goods of locals and serve good food. The rest of the day I spent with our flatmates and they showed me where the next gym is. So as conclusion I have to say that I started here with very mixed feeling because it was cold and rainy all the time and our flat was pretty dirty, but now as the weather is getting better and better and as I’m getting used to the food I think it will be a great time over here.