Giang´s good night story.

Finally it is Saturday the 21th of April in 2018 on this day we had our Trip to the Giants Causeway I was so excited for the trip. But I sould explain the title because Giang told me that she reads our posts and so I sayed to her that I will call my title for this trip „Giang´s good night story“. Ok now I will start to write about our great trip. I had to stand up at 7am o´clock because I did our summer rolls for the lunch. I cooked rice noodles, egg and cut the vegetables. After I finished the summer rolls I had to get dressed me. at 9am we gone to the „Intern Europea“ office because we had to met us at 9.30am. After the counting from all persons we gone together to the Bus.

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„Travelling. It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.“

(quote from IBN Batutta)

21st of April in 2018:

InternEurope offered us to join a Tour to Giant’s Causeway. Allen’s Tour arranged this. I get up at half past seven a.m. to prepare some modest lunchboxes. I didn’t have many groceries in the fridge, but there isn’t much space left to store the food. That’s a shame because I didn’t want to spend much money to eat outside ^^‘
„„Travelling. It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.““ weiterlesen

Giant causeway tour

Today, the Giant causeway tour, organized by Interneurope, took place. That’s why it was time to get up early because we had to be at the bus at 9:30 am. Our tour took us along the coast of Northern Ireland, making a quick stop at the King William III Monument and then driving through seven out of nine „Glens of Antrim“ (These are small villages located on the eastern coast of Northern Ireland). After we stopped for a snack, we arrived at the main attraction: „The Giant Causeway“. There we climb the hills and mountains, enjoying the landscape. Together with Son, I also went on the unofficial way to get the perfect view. „Giant causeway tour“ weiterlesen