Lazy sunday

Today we used the day to laze around. Since Giang and Son are on a GoT tour almost all day, Tim, Dominik, Jenny and I wanted to attend an event at the Titanic Square. But there was a small change of plan. We did not feel like it and there were gray clouds everywhere in the sky. „Lazy sunday“ weiterlesen

St. George’s Market & Grill Party

My goal for today was to visit the St. George’s Market. Since we wanted to meet at 1pm, I could sleep longer and enjoy a hot bath again. At 12:30pm, Giang, Jenny, Dominik and I made our way to St. George’s Market. The sky was clear and the sun smiled. Once there, we first had to find Tim, Robert and Giuliano. After a few minutes, we found them at a food stand.

As I looked at all the stands, one thing suddenly occurred to me. „St. George’s Market & Grill Party“ weiterlesen