„A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and the soul of its people.“

(quote from Mahatma Gandhi)

7th of April in 2018:

Sleeping is the best charging method for a human. So I slept until half-past nine a.m. and stayed in bed until 12 a.m. and watched series on Netflix. Nevertheless, the day started, and I decided to buy washing agent at Tesco Superstore. Of my clothes, there aren’t much left, which are clean, that’s why I have to wash them tomorrow.
After I had lunch, I decided to see some culture today. There are just seven weekends left, where I can experience the culture of Belfast. I want to enjoy the time here as much as I can. It feels like I wasted my first weekend by sleeping that much … „„A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and the soul of its people.““ weiterlesen

St. George’s Market and sightseeing

After a short night we got up early to visit St. George’s Market. On the market there were many small stalls, which offered a variety of products. From old junk to the most delicious sweets, everything was represented.

Unfortunately, the hall was smaller than expected and had all seen after just after an hour. „St. George’s Market and sightseeing“ weiterlesen

Explore the city

Even history has to be. In the early afternoon we decided to go to the city center today. At 3 pm we met in front of the City Hall. The City Hall of Belfast was built at the beginning of the 20th century and meanwhile serves as a museum. Since the entrance was free, we decided to go in and spend a little bit of time with the history of the city. In one room there was a throne on which one could sit down to take some pictures. Due to some backgrounds, which I will explain in more detail another time, I was forced to put on the robe and sit on the throne. „Explore the city“ weiterlesen