Our last days in Belfast

As the title implies Im beginning to realise that our time in Belfast in coming to an end and as relieved Iam about that, Im also very sure that im going to miss it. But lets start with the last weekend and our Bank holiday. On thursday we had our last meeting with Intern Europe and we already planned to go to the Cavehill (the hill where the Belfast Castle is) but since no one was really prepared we just ended up in a pub again. On friday we had the last houseparty at my place with my some of my housemates which was very good but since we still wanted to get on the Cavehill we just partied till 3 am and then went to sleep so we could get up early in the morning. To shorten the story it didnt work like we hoped so we started our journey at 3 pm after the others had to wait for me since i missed my bus… after the last 30 minutes in the bus we finally arrived at the base of the mountain. The route we took wasnt the best we one we had to jump over a few barbed wire fences and met some cows which enjoyed the sun. Sadly we had to pass a thorn field and i wore short pants so you can guess what my legs looked like, but when we finally made it to the top everything was worth it the view is just stunning and you can sit in the grass with your legs right over the cliff. We walked on the mountain for like 2 hours before we went down since we wanted to go to a club for the last time over here. It was a great evening and I wasnt even that drunk. On sunday I didnt do much just spent a few hours under the sun in the Ormeau Park it was a truly beautiful day. Monday we had our Bank Holiday and because the weather was so great again we went up on the Cavehill once more but this time on different routes and with some beers it was a very hot day so we were very exhausted when we got up but because of the sun we got even better pictures this time. When we got back everyone was very hungry so we went to Tribal Burgers and had a huge feast. So after all I can say it was a great end to a really great time and in case I dont get to write another blog entry over here I already want to thank everyone who made this experience possible in advance and i encourage others to do it themselves.

Gym and Basketball

The week after the bank holiday was over very fast, i finally had something to do at work again and hand some great workouts at the gym. On thursday and friday we went to Ormeau Park and played some great rounds of Basketball with people we just met. So far a great week.

Barbecue and a Bank Holiday well spent

Since we expected great weather on last sunday I went to the gym very early at the morning so I would have enough time in the afternoon. After a meal at Maggy Mays i went to the park with some people from our group where we chilled in the sun for a few hours. As the sun started to go down we had a great BBQ in their garden with some flatmates and since monday was a bank holiday we went to a pub afterwards.  On monday i woke up with a huge headache and spent most of the day at home until we went to the park for some basketball again.

First time at the Ulster Museum

Last friday I was at the Ulster Museum for the first time with my colleague to fix some screens at the new „The Troubles“ gallery. The gallery is about the Northern Ireland Conflict which ended in 1998.  They show letters from people who lost relatives and many news articles about incidents like the Bloody Sunday, i highly recommend it for anyone who is a little interested in history. Later that evening we went to a pub to have a few last drinks with some austrians which we met a few weeks ago, theyr stay ended on saturday. On saturday we had great weather so I went to the Ormeau Park with some flatmates. So far a great start in the weekend and we still have our Bank holiday on Monday.

mid time meeting

Last wednesday Mr. Bavar visited us in Belfast we met in a cafe at 5 pm. We spoke about our workplaces and if were satisfied with out stay, later we went to a mexican restaurant where I just out of curiosity ordered a burrito with very hot sauce which turned out to be a little to hot for me so my colleagues had a good laugh while i nearly cried. The next day we had the mid time meeting with intern europe where they just handed us some papers which we have to get signed. After the meeting i went to the gym with one of my housemates who showed me the sphinx after the gym. The Sphinx is a pretty famous kebab shop in belfast which i highly recommend.

Great start in the new week

The new week started great for me we got some new Switches at work so i had something to do the whole day and after work i could finally go to the gym again. On Tuesday a colleague took me to his home for some GTA 5 we had good fun for a few hours until he drove home where i spent the evening with a housemate who cooked something.

Being sick sucks

The last week started pretty good for me on work i had something to do again and i had some good workouts at the gym. On wednesday we went to the Parlour for some beers but stayed really long because they started an Bingo evening which was quite funny the bad thing is i caught a cold that evening and had to spend the weekend at home while the others went to Dublin. It was still a quite good weekend since i didn’t spent that much time with video games for a long time and had some good chats with our flatmates.

Our Trip to the Giants Causeway

On saturday we met at 9:30 pm at the intern europe office and went to the Bus which would take us on our tour to the Giants Causeway, the Sheep Island, and the Dark Forrest where they filmed a scene of Game of Thrones. Luckily the weather that day was great so we werent bothered by rain. The view at the Giants Causeway was wonderfull sadly we had only 1 and a half hour but we still got some good pictures. After the Giants Causeway we drove to the sheep island where some us paid 8£ to walk over a bridge and came back after 10 minutes, ridicioulus… Later we drove to the Dark „Forrest“ where they filmed a scene of GoT and had a picture with the whole group. After we arrived home we got us some food and beer and went to some other germans which we had met before. It was a very good evening considering i cant remember how i got home.

Boring start of the week

On monday and tuesday there was basically nothing to do at work so I learned for school and started planning a weekend where some friends from germany are coming, which is quite hard since most hotels in Belfast are very expensive. On both days after work i went to the gym first and then met with other interns at a pub for a snack and some beers and as the weather is quite nice already we spend the evening outside.

Pubs Pubs Pubs

As the Title implies I had a great second weekend at the pubs. After i finished work on friday I went to the gym before we met at the Laverys at 9 pm. We went there for some games of pool and later went to the Cuckoo for some good music. We met some girls from austria which we met first at the Quiz Night and had a funny evening. On saturday i spent quite much time in my room watching tv shows before i chilled with some of our flat mates. At the evening i went with some food and beer to Steven and Leons flat and we chilled there a few hours before we went to the Cuckoo again where we met Domenik and the rest who just came from the Escape Room and had some beers with them. We stazed at the Cuckoo the whole evening and played many rounds of air hockey. On sunday i had a huge hangover and just went outside to get some food and drinks, it was a great weekend.