Return to Germany!

It is now Wednesday evening. My suitcase has already been packed by Giang and I’m almost ready for departure. Actually, I wanted to go to bed already around 10:00 pm. But since we stayed in the living room for a long time and spent our last evening together, I decided not to sleep. Around 01:00 clock in the morning I went out again with Son. Since the last few days have always been very warm, the temperature outside was very pleasant. We talked a lot about the past eight weeks. „Return to Germany!“ weiterlesen

Limenight and my weekend

Meanwhile, we have the 18th of May and today I have to join the club as it is still a task that was imposed on me at the last „Truth or Dare“ game. But before we left around 9pm, Giang and Tim cooked a tasty chili con carne. Strengthened by the good food, we ran off and found that the Limenight was not yet open. So we waited until 10 pm until we could go inside. Unfortunately we had to realize that almost no one was there. It lasted until midnight until it was full. So we danced until the club closed, which was already at 2 o’clock.
Since I have never been to a club before, this was an interesting experience for me, but it can remain unique. „Limenight and my weekend“ weiterlesen

My first time cooking

After I came back from work, I had to go outside again, because I was cooking today and needed some ingredients. Honestly, I can not cook at all and apart from the fact that I’ve been warming up a few things so far, I have not cooked anything yet. Anyway, today my ‚dear with apprentices’ has forced me to cook samosas. For those who do not know samosas, they are stuffed dumplings, originally from India. „My first time cooking“ weiterlesen

Go to jail!

Early in the afternoon, we left to visit Crumlin Road Gaol Prison. Once there, everyone got a paper bracelet put on so we can participate in the tour. The guide told a lot about the history of the prison and showed us the different places where the prisoners lived. We even visited the execution room where the felons were hanged. After we were led into a tunnel, the tour ended after about 1½ hours. We briefly visited the souvenir shop and then left the prison.

Since I had eaten relatively little for breakfast, I bought a sandwich at Subway and then we go to the home where Jenny cooked for us today.


St. Georges Market & Barbecue Party

For a long time I could sleep long again. Because we meet with Tim and Robert at 1pm on St. Georges Market today, I could stay in bed until 11am. Arriving at St. Georges Market, I wanted to buy a Pulled Pork Burger, but unfortunately everything was already sold out today.

Well, after walking around the market for a while, we went to the next Tesco superstore to buy some food for our BBQ party. As the weather was very good today, this was the perfect day for a barbecue. „St. Georges Market & Barbecue Party“ weiterlesen

Half the time is over

My week already started exciting. Since we had clarified the move of Giang and Son together with Interneurope late at night, today they moved in with us in the apartment. Jenny and I went to Giang and Son right after work to help pack them up. After everything was stowed in the suitcases, we took a taxi and drove to our accommodation. „Half the time is over“ weiterlesen

Giraffe, Meerkats & Co, we are going to the zoo

Since we had sunny weather today, we decided to go to the Belfast Zoo. However, because the zoo is located just outside the city, we decided to take the bus.

After good 30 minutes by bus, we had to climb a hill and then we could already see the first animals. With its secluded location on the slopes of Cavehill, the zoo has been incredibly reassuring. Also, not many people seemed to be there today, which made it even more enjoyable. When we had seen everything after a few hours, we bought a few souvenirs and pictures. Then we took the bus back to the city. „Giraffe, Meerkats & Co, we are going to the zoo“ weiterlesen

Our trip to the capital city of Ireland

Once again it started today in the early morning. Jenny, Phi and I walked to the bus station to meet with the others there and then take an express bus to Dublin. The journey took about 2 hours and we paid 17 pounds per person.
When we arrived in Dublin around noon, we left immediately and were hit in the business district directly by some imposing buildings. „Our trip to the capital city of Ireland“ weiterlesen

My working week

Since I can not write too much about my work, I will now summarize what I’ve done the last few days there.

As I wrote in another blog entry, I am in the process of creating a website that supports WordPress. I had to adjust some functions manually, because the plugins of WordPress with the theme of the website was not fully compatible. „My working week“ weiterlesen