Zoo Belfast

At Sunday the 29th of April in 2018 I slept long at this day because we want to met us at 3.00pm in the front of the zoo. Dominik, Phi and me startet our way to the bus station and from there we drove to the city centre to change there the bus. We was sitting in the seccond bus to drive to the zoo but then was Giang phoned Dominik, because Giang and Son had problems with the bus so we left our bus to met Giang and Son at the City Hall. Then we drove together with Giang and Son to the zoo.

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„There has never been a sadness that can’t be cured by breakfast food.“

(quote from Ron Swanson)

29th of April in 2018:

The fourth Sunday in Belfast arrived, and I didn’t try Irish or English breakfast yet. Nevertheless, I concluded, or rather Robert suggested it yesterday, to have it today. Son, Robert and I went to ‚Eat Street‘, a restaurant specialised for vegan and vegetarian dishes. „„There has never been a sadness that can’t be cured by breakfast food.““ weiterlesen

Giraffe, Meerkats & Co, we are going to the zoo

Since we had sunny weather today, we decided to go to the Belfast Zoo. However, because the zoo is located just outside the city, we decided to take the bus.

After good 30 minutes by bus, we had to climb a hill and then we could already see the first animals. With its secluded location on the slopes of Cavehill, the zoo has been incredibly reassuring. Also, not many people seemed to be there today, which made it even more enjoyable. When we had seen everything after a few hours, we bought a few souvenirs and pictures. Then we took the bus back to the city. „Giraffe, Meerkats & Co, we are going to the zoo“ weiterlesen