„New Monday, new week, new goals.“

(quote from unknown author)

Because this week become routine, I only summarise the first days of the second week.

Monday 9th of April in 2018:
At work, I met new colleagues, who are returning from their holidays. There were a lot of persons. I still can’t remember all the names yet.
All in all nothing special happened today. „„New Monday, new week, new goals.““ weiterlesen

Quiz Night

As usual my workday at Anaeko office started at 9am.

Robert (also from the OSZIMT) and I are currently programming and testing an API in Python which is used for sending and receiving data from a server. This data consists of facts and is associated with a timestamp. The product is called ServiceClarity and aims at big companies like IBM to get an overview of their intern processes.

„Quiz Night“ weiterlesen