St. George’s Market and Barbecue Party

At round 3am my Sunday started as I took my girlfriend to the airport.
After a very hard goodbye, I wanted to take the bus home. Unfortunately, the first bus drove not before 6.15am. Due to that, I had to take a taxi for 32£. After being back at my place, I was finally able to sleep for a few more hours.

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St. Georges Market & Barbecue Party

For a long time I could sleep long again. Because we meet with Tim and Robert at 1pm on St. Georges Market today, I could stay in bed until 11am. Arriving at St. Georges Market, I wanted to buy a Pulled Pork Burger, but unfortunately everything was already sold out today.

Well, after walking around the market for a while, we went to the next Tesco superstore to buy some food for our BBQ party. As the weather was very good today, this was the perfect day for a barbecue. „St. Georges Market & Barbecue Party“ weiterlesen

„Each day is a little lifetime. Enjoy every moment.“

(quote from unknown)

8th of April in 2018:

One of the days with good weather.
Our plan for was to visit the St. George´s Market. It takes place in a hall (Indoor Market), where the exhibitors sell local art and craft and food. It holds a weekly market on Friday Variety Market, Saturday City Food and Garden Market, and Sunday Food, Craft and Antique Market. It was built between 1890 and 1896.

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St. George’s Market and sightseeing

After a short night we got up early to visit St. George’s Market. On the market there were many small stalls, which offered a variety of products. From old junk to the most delicious sweets, everything was represented.

Unfortunately, the hall was smaller than expected and had all seen after just after an hour. „St. George’s Market and sightseeing“ weiterlesen