The penultimate week has begun

At Monday the 21st of May in 2018, first day after Dominik´s big mouth about the cheesecake. Since Monday we haven´t seen a cake from him. But it’s ok, because he has time till Friday. I looking forward for his cake. On Monday I had difficult to stand up, because trough my allergy I have the feeling I´m permanently tired. And I forgot my nose spray for my allergy at home.

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Giang and I are doughnut friends forever!

At Thursday the 10th of May in 2018, on this day I went in my lunch break to “Tesco Metro” to buy Doughnut Rings. Later, as I arrived my accommodation I asked if Giang would like to be my donut friend forever and she said yes to me. I was so happy about her answer. 😀

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Neighbors cat visited us.

At Thursday the 3rd of May in 2018, I started my work at 9am and had to until 3.30pm because we had a meeting with „Intern Europe“. While I work I hear music and I found a song for what I search. Because since Belfast I was searching for a song and I heared this song everytime in my mind but I can´t remember on the title. And at the work I heared a song from the band and I remembered on the voice. And as I saw the band name I remembered on the song title.

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