The penultimate week has begun

At Monday the 21st of May in 2018, first day after Dominik´s big mouth about the cheesecake. Since Monday we haven´t seen a cake from him. But it’s ok, because he has time till Friday. I looking forward for his cake. On Monday I had difficult to stand up, because trough my allergy I have the feeling I´m permanently tired. And I forgot my nose spray for my allergy at home.


At Tuesday the 22nd of May in 2018, on this day Giang and I tried to send a parcel to Germany. I looked in the internet before, where we could send international parcels. We got to Hermes, we walked about twenty minutes with our heavy parcels. Arrived by Hermes we received bad news, because they only accept barcode finished parcels. So we drove with the bus to another post office. But Giang was unlucky because she had too many cans of beer in her package. This day was so hard, because the weather was warm and the parcels heavy. But the day had something positive, because I saw Kitty on this day.

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