„Remember: Enjoy your life today, because yesterday has gone and tomorrow may never come.“

(quote from Alan Coren)

25th of May in 2018:

Work was relaxed today because a colleague allowed me to leave earlier from work because there was just one colleague left in the office. I informed my supervisor by writing an email and left at 1 p.m. At home, I tried it one more time at the post office nearby our accommodation. I was lucky things didn’t turn out worse. I missed the collector for the parcels, but the staff gave me a discount of 10% for my 7 kg large package. That’s why my box will be sent on next Tuesday because Monday is a Bank holiday. „„Remember: Enjoy your life today, because yesterday has gone and tomorrow may never come.““ weiterlesen

„Networking Engineer by day, grillmaster by night.“

(quote from unknown)

6th of May in 2018:

A long time ago, we planned to have a barbecue because of JDP’s excellent accommodation. The sunny weather suited the best. But first of all Jenny, Phi, Dome and I went to St. George’s Market. We met Tim, Robert and Giuliano there. „„Networking Engineer by day, grillmaster by night.““ weiterlesen

St. Georges Market & Barbecue Party

For a long time I could sleep long again. Because we meet with Tim and Robert at 1pm on St. Georges Market today, I could stay in bed until 11am. Arriving at St. Georges Market, I wanted to buy a Pulled Pork Burger, but unfortunately everything was already sold out today.

Well, after walking around the market for a while, we went to the next Tesco superstore to buy some food for our BBQ party. As the weather was very good today, this was the perfect day for a barbecue. „St. Georges Market & Barbecue Party“ weiterlesen