New Google advertise guidelines

The website I was working on is finished, but the was a new big problem coming up this week…

So the website I build for South London Repair is finished. The only thing missing are some adjustments to some pictures, but all in all it is done.

They bought some advertise with Google to promote the new website, but Google did not advertise it. We called Google and asked why our website was declined. They told us, that this week they changed the advertise guidelines and for example the word „repair“ is now on the blacklist. It seemed like they had some problem with websites selling themselves as repair-sites in the past.

This is very inconvenient for every repair shop. They all would have to find synonyms for repair and change it on their website. This is possible, but take a lot of time, however if your company name, logo or maybe even URL contains the word repair, they are in some trouble.

Now that the website is done, I am starting to dis- and readable more. So let’s see what the final week has to offer…

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