The last meeting with Twin

Today is the last day before the fly. So many things happened…

Because today was the last day before the fly so we had a meeting at Twin school to talk about our internship. But before that I said goodbye to all my colleagues. We talked about my internship at SLR and wished me good luck for my future. They have promised me their support in the future and we exchanged our contact details. So after that, I went to Twin, to talk about my internship and experience with Twin in general.

We talked about things which went wrong or we think Twin could improve. The organisation and communication was not the best and Twin admitted that as well. But except the organisation, it was alright. Our host mother was friendly and I got to know some interesting and nice people at my work.

So all in all I think London helped me grow as a person and improved my hardware based knowledge, but the agency has some space for improvement.

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