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Today I noticed, I never described the house of our host family, so here we go…

As I hopefully mentioned, we are living in Mottingham. Mottingham is in zone 4 and quite far outside the city. In our area are quite a few woods and parks.

We are living in a rental house, so it is quite huge but very tidal. When you enter the house, you are in a small corridor leading to the kitchen. The corridor is mostly used, to leave your shoes or dry your laundry on a clothes horse. On the right side are the stairs to go up to the first floor. Next to the stairs is the entrance to the living room.  You can enter the kitchen through the living room, so the hole cancellation of that floor is like an „O“. In the living room is one TV, two couches and a few other electrical devices.

If you go up to the first floor, there is a bathroom right in front of you. This is the bathroom for the guest. It contains a toilet and a sink. A small hallway leads to the next stair and two other rooms. One room is another guest room and the second room is for me and my roommate. It contains two beds, one with a spring and one with a feather mattress. There is also a very small rack in our room, where we can put  our jackets on and another very large unused mattress.

On the last floor you can find the bedroom of our host mother and her bathroom. We only use her bathroom, if we want to shower, because our bathroom does not contain a shower.

The host family also has a garden, but the grass and bushes have grown waist high. But during our stay, she and a couple of friends are working to make the garden usable again.

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