Fish and Chips

Today we started our day with a tasty breakfast. Afterwards we went directly to the school. We don’t have much time in the morning because we want to enjoy every minute in our beds.

As we arrived at school we started directly with our lessons. 

Today the topic was about hackers, which isn’t a big deal for IT Students. Our second topic for today, was about typical english or british phrases like: “Today it’s raining cats and dogs”. We learned some useful phrases and how people came up with them.

The next given task was a little bit funny. We got the texts that explained how people found out these phrases and the task was to write 2 other small paragraphs, suggesting how they could have found out these funny phrases. The teacher asked us if we want to d

o this in groups. Of course everyone from us wanted to work in a group. He gave every group a letter with a different phrase.

After 15 minutes everyone finished with the 2 suggesting paragraphs. So our mission was to read out all the paragraphs and the other team should guess which paragraph is related to which phrase. So we all had a lot of fun today.

Later we went out for a little snack and afterwards everyone went home and rested a bit or spent time with their host family.

In the evening we ate fish and chips, for me it was the first time after years that I ate fish and chips. I have to say that this typical meal is a very good meal.

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