Best fish and chips

Today I started the day normally, I went out early and I arrived at work, as expected, early. I was around 20 minutes earlier so I went to the supermarket that is directly in front of the school. I got some fruits and something to drink.

I started my work with a small talk about the project. We improved our plans with the help of another colleague, so I had enough tasks to do for today. For lunch I went out and bought a chicken burger with a big salad. My work day was like usually, nothing special. At 5pm I went out and got my bus, fortunately I got home without having troubles in traffic.

In my lunch break I bought a small external wificard with usb. Now I have for 2 wifi cards for my notebook and I can use other networks near the house to improve my internet connection speed. Of course I use vpn in other network connections because I can’t know if someone hosts the network just to phish my data.

When I wanted to test the wifi stick I had to “fight” with my computer to use this stick because my laptop has a linux os installed and wifi drivers on linux are always a bit tricky. After around 10 minutes it worked perfectly and now I could enjoy a fast internet connection (before it was always the issue that the connection got very slow when someone was watching youtube, this problem happens to my roommate as well).

As for lunch my host mom had the idea to buy some chips in a restaurant and then cooking a fish in the oven. I have to say, that was the best meal I ever ate here. That was a really good fish and the chips were also very tasty, you can’t compare this kinda food with food from companies like McDonalds or a fast food fish & chips store.

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