Can someone stop the rain, please?

I woke up in the morning, took a look out of the window and as expected darkness and raining.
I went out of the house and I saw no bus coming, so I walked to the next bus stop, which is around 500 meter away. At this bus stop are 3 buses that I could take. Unfortunately, the 500 meters were already enough to get all clothes soggy.
Arrived at work, I continued programming. For lunch I bought a salad with some chicken this time (something green looks healthy). After lunchtime I had a meeting with my colleague. He asked me about my progress.

I showed him my results and he was really satisfied. He didn’t think I’m already that far. The project was planned for the next 2 weeks and now it looks like I’ll finish it earlier.
Overall a common day, I just hope that the rain is not getting so common…

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