Raining, again…

Today I woke up a bit late because it’s weekend and of course IT students are known to be sleepyheads. When I took a quick look outside it seemed that it would be a nice day. I ate a healthy breakfast with my host family and afterwards I looked out again and the sky was covered in dark clouds and it was already raining.

I decided to stay home today and to watch some YouTube videos. After some hours of YouTube it got so boring that I decided to continue with some personal programming projects. My personal project is about an android app and well, all the memes about “Android Studio” were relatable for me today. The fan from my notebook was working on its maximum capacity, windows was having problems as a result of this program. But hey, after around 3 hours my computer just crashed once, new record! After some hours the weather got better and I also managed to see the sun.

We did laundry today but as the clothes were outside to dry the weather changed very fast to rain, again. We ran out outside to get all the things back in, but it was already too late, everything was wet again.


Today was not such a special day but tomorrow I am planning to go out in the city, let’s hope something more interesting will come up tomorrow…

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