How good is your English?

Today we went at 9 o‘clock to our Agency which is in the same time a school. We started immediately with an English test. During the test they also did questions to test our speaking skills.

After all students were finished we got a little break. At this time they checked our tests, and they were able to sort us in two school classes.

After all this we played a game called Articulate, sounds really easy but it isn’t. First of all the playing cards were full of very typical British words which are very hard for us. Also doing all this in a different language than German is somehow hard in my opinion.

So our day at the twin school was very nice and I’m looking forward for the next days…

After the main part we went to a Vietnamese restaurant. So far it sounds normal, but for me it was new to eat with chopsticks so the others had a lot of fun watching me failing. But after a while, I managed it, and I got to eat my food.

Then we went home and rested some minutes. But I wanted to go shopping, so I went out to a shopping mall and searched some nice sport clothes because I forgot mine in Germany and in such shopping malls here it wasn’t a big problem, so i was back home early, again.

We enjoyed with our host family a very delicious fish related meal. It was also a bit funny because it was a bit spicier than expected even for the host family, so we all laughed a lot.

After a day sitting around and eating spicy food I decided to go out for a little work out. So I went out to a little park and I did there some exercises (jogging and some push-ups). It’s very motivating to see that other people also doing work outs here and so you can motivate each other.

All in all it was a nice day and I’m looking forward for the next days.

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