First real school lessons

Today we started the day with a delicious breakfast. Afterwards we went directly out to the bus station and we got very fast into the bus.

All normal so far. When we were 1km near our school the cars stopped and 

we stuck into a big traffic jam. First we waited a bit but then we saw nothing moving anymore, so we left the bus and went by foot to school. Luckily we still arrived in time (close, but still in time).

Then the lessons started, we did a little game as an “ice-breaker” to get to know our new classmates for this week, so we all learned new friendly people. We continued with some funny exercises, we got the job as fortune-teller. So we did groups and had the task to tell the fortune of our partner team. We got some cards as help (we discussed before about them). We all were able to test our english with a basic and funny conversation.

So with all these well-thought tasks, the lesson time went over fast. Then some of us went to Subway to enjoy a nice sandwich. During the walk to Subway we went across the Themse, and got some nice pictures for our gallery.

Later the others wanted to go home and rest a bit,while I decided to go by bus to the center. There I did some pictures of “Big Ben” and the “London Eye”. Afterwards I went to the “Buckingham Palace”, for me it was very interesting that all the guards were standing there with big weapons. Although I have to say that they were very friendly and I got some good pictures.

Then I tried to go home, but unfortunately I was stuck again in a big traffic jam, but this time I was forced to wait because it was still far away from my home. With 1 hour delay I arrived at home and enjoyed with my roommate Thanh a proper dinner.

In the evening I went again out for a walk, I also found a little sport area where you have basic sport equipments. All those equipments on a big green area with many trees. In Berlin, such places, are very rare.

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