Cute evening

Today I would like to say something about my previous evening. I went out for my daily workout as usually. First I walked to a supermarket and bought an apple as a snack. Afterwards, I went directly to a park which is near there. As I arrived there I went to the bars and started with my workout. After some minutes a family showed up with their 2 kids. The kids stopped and tried the same things like me. They also asked, if I could show them some workouts. Of course I did and they had a lot of fun. The parents were smiling too.

The parents also helped the kids with the training tasks. After some minutes, the people who were walking in the park, stopped and were looking at us. Later over 10 people were around us. Another family was there and some students were watching us. Few moments later, a boy showed up with his girlfriend. What they did was more showing off, after 5 minutes everyone went away, including me. About today… What should I say? Nothing special anymore, just programming and trying to handle such big datasets that include many weird characters. Also some fields are infected with SQL injections. The current booking form isn’t filtering everything but they told me that a new one is currently in work. I guess the problem is that they have not so many people in the IT department. I guess they have just one or two persons who know Windows Server and as far as I know, no one with Linux skills.


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