Unexpected Visitor

Today, I started my work day as usual but again, problems…

When I started my computer I saw that some Desktop icons were missing again. I checked my group and I found out, that I’m in the wrong one. I asked around but nobody knew how to fix it at the moment. I had to use a workaround, to access some basic Windows tools.

Later, when I opened Google-Mail all seemd to be fine, but google told me that I’m offline, but the site was loading. When I checked in a new tab “google.com” I got just connection refused. I checked “google.de” and it was working. I flushed my current local DNS storage and renewed my DHCP IP, but still not working. When I did a ping, I found out, that the connection refused it not from a google IP but from the internal firewall.

So I asked my colleagues and they told me that I have to open the Internet Explorer and then it should work. The point is, when you receive this “connection refused” error message then normally you should be redirected to the firewall site, which is giving you access at the same moment. It seems like Chrome is blocking this redirect.

They also told me, that I should have this every day, but it was the first time today. It seems like the group policies are really messy…

In the evening I always watch some YouTube videos before I go for my workout. Today, the door bell was ringing during the time I was watching videos. My host mother opened the door and I heard that someone is asking “is Anton here?”. After another 3 seconds of listening I recognized that this was a classmate. It was Ben, he was also doing workout. I just told him, that I need 5 minutes to prepare and then I was also coming out.

So we went together to a park and did some workouts there. Together it’s more motivating and you can give each other good advises.


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