Hello London Tower!

Today I left the house early. My plan for the day was to visit the London Tower. To go there I took 2 busses. Luckily, the last bus drove over the Tower Bridge. I also was lucky that the tower bridge was opened at this time, so I had to wait a bit. It was a great view to see the Tower Bridge opened.

Directly behind the Tower Bridge is already the Tower of London. The huge castle with the big park was very impressive. I just took some pictures there and I was thinking about going in, but there were too much people and I’m not a big fan of visiting a castle. In my home town in Germany I have a lot of castles near, so it’s nothing special for me.


After I took the pictures I went to a supermarket and bought something to drink. Afterwards I just walked around the area and took some pictures from the other buildings which looked very impressive to me.

Later I took again my bus and went home. In the evening I just went to the supermarket and bought a little snack because my host mom wasn’t home.

Overall an exciting day!


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