Sightseeing with my Family

I got up early this weekend because I would go sightseeing with my family. The first thing we would do was go to the Tower Hill Station where we would get into a sightseeing bus which we used to get to the St. Paul’s Cathedral. Inside the cathedral we had an audio guide which we used to listen to facts about the cathedral while walking through it.

After that we went back into the sightseeing bus and drove along the rest of the route so we would eventually arrive back at where we started. From there we walked along the Thames over the London Bridge straight to the Shard.

On top of the shard on the 72nd floor at 244 metres we would enjoy the view and some drinks. When we left the Shard after an hour we would go to the tube and drive back to Colliers Wood where we went to an Indian restaurant.



Sunday started the same as the day before. We went to Tower Hill but this time we would get into the Tower of London. Inside we would participate in a very funny and informational tour with one of the Yeoman Warders as our guide. After the tour we got ourselves some audio guides and explored the castle where we saw the crown jewels.

When we left the Tower we went to the Tower Bridge which is just a minute away. We took the elevator to get up the walkway of the bridge where we took some pictures and enjoyed the glass floor which which they have in the walkway.

After we had enough of the Tower Bridge itself we went down on the other side and went to see its machine room from where the bridge lifting mechanism is controlled.

Afterwards we went back over the bridge to get to the Tower Millenium Pier where we took a boat to Westminster and back because unfortunately there were no more boats going to Greenwich that day.

After the boat tour we went back to Colliers Wood and there we went to an Italian restaurant where we ate pizza.

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