Thanks Google…

Today, as usual, we started our way to the Twin-Group school. There, we started the lesson with a great topic. We got a story about a murder and we had to do a role play to a criminal court. I got the part as the main witness from the murder and I had the task to lie. In conclusion it was very funny even though the end of the story was lame. My lie was convincing but still not enough to prove that the indicted was guilty, so the indicted was able to convince the court that it was just an accident.

We finished our last lesson with an egg hunt because next day is eastern and the school came up with the idea to do a little egg hunt.

Afterwards we went out for lunch, I just bought something small because breakfast was still enough for me.


When we finished our meal I looked on “Google Maps” how far away the “Tower Bridge” is from our school. I decided to go for a walk because Google said just around 7.5 kilometres. After 8 kilometres I still wasn’t able to see a thing. Finally after 1 more kilometre I saw the bridge and I took some cool photos.

When I arrived in front of the bridge it was somehow nothing special for me, just a normal bridge. So I took the bus to go home and unluckily, I got in a huge traffic jam. So the bus ride was 2 hours instead of one hour.

When I arrived at home, we enjoyed a delicious dinner together and rested in the evening.

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