Back @ work again


After a very interesting weekend (Pary in our house again), I started another week at Nitec. Things haven’t changed yet, so I’m doing the same tasks as usual. Installing PC’s, waiting on more interesting jobs to come in. I would prefer to tell you something interesting but there is simply nothing to tell about. So don’t be confused about me writing more about my weekends and fun stuff. It is just no use to keep telling about my work if nothing happens. I tried to upload some photos of my workplace and the journey, but the Internet at our house was too slow, so I stopped the upload process. Maybe this evening it will be more successful. But please do not think that I am not happy to work here. All the employees are very friendly and treat me like an equal. I feel very comfortable here and I am pleased to be here. Every day someone’s picking me up at the railwaystation by car, that I do not have to go by feet. It’s just unfortunate that no interesting jobs are coming in.

Now, I am just waiting for this working week to end because on Friday my girlfriend’s going to visit Belfast for the first time. It’s going to be a good weekend because of Mr. Schlenger coming to Befast as well and the Fifa World Cup’s begin on Friday. So let’s see if the weather keeps being great like in the past.



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  1. Oli girlfriend will be there too, girlies – weekend … therefore I am looking forward to sleep the hole weekend on the couch ^^

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