Hey everybody,     

I finally could upload some pictures of my work today. I will try to describe my journey and my workplace, so let’s start with the journey to Antrim.     


Roadmap (Jouney to Antrim)


This is a map where you can see where Antrim is. I have to travel by bus and by train. Most of the time I am traveling by train. The red line on the map indicates my route to Antrim.  

Lanscape of Ireland


I also added a picture that I took out of the train because you can see the great landscape when the weather is good.        






At Antrim’s railwaystation someone’s picking me up every day.  We are driving by car for about 15 minutes. I’m glad to be picked up because otherwise I would have to walk for 40 minutes. Antrim is a nice and small town in the middle of Ireland. I really like to see the small houses and towers of the different churches there.

Technology Park View from outside


Nitec is located in a so called „Technology Park“.
I attached a picture of that park, too.







 Sry, but I’m not aware of uploading pictures in my articles. That’s the reason for them being so unorganised. The following pictures were made at Nitec. Espescially in the workshop which is the place where I spend the most time at work. 



I think that is all I can tell you about my work for now. I mean until there is interesting work coming in. I didn’t upload pictures from my collegues because they did not want to (the internet never forgets). Traveling to Antrim everyday can be very exhausting. I have to leave my house in Belfast at about 8am and I come back at about 7pm. You see that there is not much free time for me from Monday to Friday.     

I heard that some of our instructors complained about the blog and that we write 80% about fun and 20% about work. Actually, there is not much time to meet people or improve my english or „social skills“. All our companies expect us to gain experiences about culture and language but we do not learn this at work. If you want us to improve our social skills and our language you have to understand that we have to go out and meet people. I can understand that the purpose of our internship in ireland is the work. But i think that I don’t have to go to Ireland if I just want to work. I can do that in Germany as well. The most important thing here is, that we meet different cultures, go out and meet people. And that is only possible on the weekends. So please do not complain about us writing the most about our weekend activities. Work is work, even in Ireland…..     

I did not want to be impolite but I think living in foreign countries is more than just „working“. 



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