Requested blog entry

Hi at all,

Referring to Mr. Bavar’s Email I am writing a new blog entry for today.  I usually upload my entries at work but it was too busy yesterday that I didn’t have time to create it. I don’t write them at home because our internet is not stable and very slow.

It’s just a normal day today. I woke up, got dressed, went to the trainstation, went to Antrim, got picked up by Jonny, approached Nitec and started work.

Today there are a few more installations and support issues (troubleshooting) concerning two laptops. One Laptop is overheating and I contacted HP to get support from them because there is nothing we can do about it here. I am still trying to reproduce the problem on the other Laptop which is supposed to be a screen that’s not working properly.

Yesterday there were different task to do for me. I had to take out the harddrives of 40 PC’s and I had to  order a collection for them to be destructed. I was heavy work and my back is feeling bad right now. Additionally to that I had to take care of the waste and there were a few installation of different customer’s PC’s. When deliveries come in I have to take care about them as well.

That is kind of a special task for me because it is the first time that something more interesting happens than installing PC’s, dealing with deliveries or just taking care about the waste.

In my next blog entry I will tell you something about the „Giant Causeway“ which I visited on my weekend. But I am not able to write an article every two days because my collegues don’t like me to sit at my desk dealing with non work related issues.