Final Day in Belfast


Today was my final day in Belfast. Eight weeks are over now tomorrow we will be back home. The day started like nearly every Saturday. Max and I slept late and we stood up at we stood up we went to sport but not for doing sport. We went to sport because we had to pay for our membership of the last month. After we went back to our house we ate a little bit for lunch and played for several hours Civilization V. At 6 p.m. we realized that we should pack our bags. So we did that. We put all our clothes in our bags and checked several times if we didn’t forgot anything. We also cleaned our room and emptied our refrigerator. We had so much to eat left that we were not able to eat everything up.

I think that was everything we did on today. I could say I’m really excited to be back home soon and I hope that I will sleep some hours before our taxis arrives at 4.30 a.m.