The third week of eight

The third week started normal, nothing special happened. On normal workdays my tasks are to check if Windows Server backups have some problems. If they have problems, I solve them. Sometimes the backup’s fails onetime, sometimes the database link has changed and sometimes the space of the hard drive is overloaded. That’s why the backups cannot save on the hard drive temporally. Every day several servers have different problems! But nothing that I cannot solute.

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The Second Week Part 2

The beginning of the Second part in the second week was not so much Interesting. At the work I came in my daily routine here in Belfast like Berlin after two weeks. I Troubleshoot Windows Server SBS 2011 Backup Solutions, and made Excel Tables about some Backup thinks. At the free time we went on Wednesday to the gym and on Thursday to the Tesco to buy something to eat. The Weekend was the Interesting part of this week.
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