The third week of eight

The third week started normal, nothing special happened. On normal workdays my tasks are to check if Windows Server backups have some problems. If they have problems, I solve them. Sometimes the backup’s fails onetime, sometimes the database link has changed and sometimes the space of the hard drive is overloaded. That’s why the backups cannot save on the hard drive temporally. Every day several servers have different problems! But nothing that I cannot solute.

The Tuesday was special for me because I upgraded my PC at work with 4 GB RAM. He got only 2 GB RAM with a 64 bit operating system. Now with 6 GB the PC is running faster. Now the work makes more fun, if you don’t have to wait for 5 minutes to open a program or the PC freezes every time. I made a health check on a PC by remote access, because the PC was very slow. I found a lot of malware on the PC.

On Wednesday I checked the permissions of two users at a Windows Server operating system and add a PC to a domain. At the evening Dominik and myself went to sport. After we were done we saw on our way home a fire brigade. It drove to the same place like in the first week. Some guys once again set a fire, that’s why the fire brigade had to blow up these. We were at the same position like in the first week. At the evening we saw a fire brigade outside and it hold next to our house. We heart a fire alarm from the house next to us. The fire brigade left after half an hour. I think it was a false alarm.

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Mister Hebel and a woman from Intern Europe wanted to visit me at work on Friday to check my practical training and to see if I’m fine. But they never showed up. 🙁