The City Hall

This weekend was really special, we planned a lot of interesting and time intensive stuff.
The Saturday began at 9 am. I stood up and we wanted to go to the zoo but the weather was not the best. Dominik told me that we would go at Sunday and I slept for one more hour. At 10 am Dominik and I went to the gym for 2 and a half hour. After we came home I made fried vegetables in bread with a sausage for lunch. After we had lunch, we met Phillip and went together to the city hall. At the city hall we met Marie, Rene and Jamie for a guided tour through the city hall. We were a bit surprised as we saw a lot of people in the street in front of the city hall. But Marie told us that they demonstrated for a united Ireland. We went inside of the city hall. A man told to us that we needed tickets right after Rene said to us that we don’t need any. Konrad talked with the woman at the ticket counter, we all got free entry to the city hall guided tour. This was really nice. At the city hall we saw a lot of old rooms which are still in use.

After we finished the guided tour in the city hall, we went to Tesco because we needed something like fries and ketchup. Konrad and Rene brought us the meat and we went together to Dominik’s and my home. We made a barbecue at our house with a 20 £ meat packed from the St George’s Market. While cooking the meat we triggered the fire alert. But Rene set it to silent alert and everything was OK. In the afternoon we washed the dishes and watched some movies. At 11 pm everybody left us and went home.

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It was a nice Saturday, but the next day will be better: we are going to the zoo.
Regards Max