Goodbye Berlin and Hello Belfast

It was an exciting day which has started at 7:30 AM at the airport Schönefeld.
As usual I was very early and have waited for the others. After we checked in our luggage we went through the security check and searched the gate of our departure. Everything went really fast. It took the plane about 2 hours to get to Belfast. During the flight we had a lot of fun together and also slept a little bit. The morning was really hard. Then it went interesting because the pilot started the final approach at the Airport in Northern Ireland. The landscape from above was absolutely breath-taking. The last task was to get out of the plane with our heavy luggage. We were directly allowed to take it with us. As we left the plane we got stung by the bright sun of North Ireland. We expected some kind of bad weather but it was the opposite:

A giant blue sky without any clouds was above us. Outside of the airport we searched the bus to get to the bus central station where Natalie waited. She told us which taxi we should take to get to the accommodation. Jamie and I had a funny and interesting conversation with the taxi driver who told us everything about the history around the accommodation. Jamie and I lives with 4 other person in the house. Most of the other people there are working as an airport crew. The accommodation isn’t that big but it is enough for two people. We have our own fridge and enough space for all our clothing. Our last mission was the purchase of something to eat at the Tesco Supermarket. At the cash register the saleswoman asked us to close the gate for the cash register but we didn’t understood what she wanted. It is difficult to follow the Northern Irish dialect. I think it is called Ulster English. That was our first day in Belfast and I believe our big adventure has just started.