The first day has come to an end. It started with approximately 3 hours of sleep and a vivid nightmare of me missing my flight by 5 hours. Luckily, dreams don’t always come true. The pre-flight journey went smoothly and the flight itself as well (disregarding the pressure variations). Everyone was in a really good mood. Especially Max and Dominik who enjoyed their delicate airplane snack.

Dominik likes food

And our mood was even more lightened by the weather in Belfast. It was amazingly warm today – some might argue 18 degrees isn’t that hot – but the contrast to Berlin was clear. We quickly found the bus, which drove to our designated meeting point with the agency. An employee of the agency put us into separate taxis and we were driven to our accommodations. This is the house Pegah and I are staying in.

In front of Elaba St.

I love our room: the WLAN is working solidly, there are several sockets and we even have a sink, oh wait…


And a fireplace, uhm, I don’t actually know what that is.

maybe chminey

Well it’s still pretty cool! After settling in for an hour, we met up with some of our  colleagues and went to Tesco. I planned to do a slim grocery shopping tour. Obviously I ended up crawling to our room, carrying the uttermost weight I could. After that, we had time to eat and chill. It’s 7 pm in Ireland now. Pegah and I are thinking about going to the gym, to register and maybe even to train already. But we will see. Maybe I will just end this day early in bed.


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