Be a hero!

On Tuesday the 17th of April in 2018 my feeling was not better. I did homework. I worked with „WordPress“ and installed a lot plugins for the look. For some plugins I needed a tutorial because they had a lot functions. For the lunch I ate a canned soup with tomato flavour. After my lunch I continue my work until 5pm. After my work I was reminded that we wanted to got to the cinema to watch „ready player one“. The movie is about a worl where evryone play in virtual  world with a suit and the suit function is that you can feel evry touch in the game. After the inventor died sayed the inventor he was hidding an easter egg before he died. And from this moment was evryone searching for this easter egg and it is about life and death. I liked this movie and the english was easy to understand. But I had one problem I forgott my nasal spray and dont could breathe through the nose.

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