Review of the sixth week

Just two more weeks! I can‘t wait to be back in Germany. At this point the Internship has become pretty boring and it’s hard to motivate myself. Freetime is still fun but work is just so unchallanging. I love travelling but I never want to be away for such a long time from my family and especially my girlfriend.

Since monday was a holiday here in Belfast, we had a long weekend. We did a big tour along the coast of Northern Ireland. The other two days, we just relaxed and played some video games.

The Austrians left at the weekend but Italians arrvied instead. Luckily they are just 4 instead of the 8 austrains. So the house has become a bit more quiet which is really relaxing. They will stay two weeks longer than we do.

Now we need to try to get all our groceries empty so we don’t leave anything we paid for behind.


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