Winter is gone

[no spoilers] Today the final episode of Game of Thrones aired. Since I was really into the show in the last few months, I’m sad that its over now. A lot of people were unhappy about the last two seasons and how things turned out. In my opinion, it just felt rushed. I think a few more episodes would’ve done great improvement. This show will always be one of my favorites and im looking forward for the spin-offs to come.

Being here in Belfast where most of the show was shot, really hyped me up for the last season. This series has already become a small part of the culture here. When you explore the city you will always find people talking about it, or some art that is dedicadet to it and you’ll find merchandise everywhere. A coworker also told me, he lately saw Peter Dinklage casually walking throug the city. Furthermore, I noticed that the show had a high impact on tourism in Ireland. There are a lot of tours that are dedicated to the show.


[no spoilers, but my general opinion on the end]

Regarding how the show ended, I think some fans will be upset with it because they wanted something diffrenent. But in my mind it all made sense and any other ending would’ve been improper. It wasn’t perfect though and it‘s clear that the last episode will be heavy discussion material.

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