My Weekend

This weekend was very eventful. A good friend of mine, Philip, came to visit me here in London. He was going to arrive at Gatwick Airport late at night, around 11, and we were going to meet at Russel Square. This was where our hostel was located, where we would be staying for the weekend. We meet up and we where both very happy to see each other. Being quite tired that night, we didn’t do much other than get a couple of beers at a late night shop and went to bed.

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The National Museum of Computing

Last Sunday I started off my day by visiting the National Museum of Computing, located in Bletchley Park. We got to see old working computer systems, including a rebuilt computer called Colossus Mark 2.

Colossus was a set of computers developed by British codebreakers during the second World War to help in the cryptoanalysis of the Lorenz cipher, which I discussed in my last Blog.

I got to see the giant disk of an old hard drive that could store 4 Megabytes on each side. Also in the museum were replicas of the „Bombe“ (also discussed in my last blog). All in all I had a great time seeing the exhibition of old computer artifacts and would recommend a visit for anyone.

Bletchey Park

Bletchey Park was the home of the codebreaking operation during the second World War. We spent two days there, Saturday and Sunday. On the first day we explored the museum of Bletchley Park and on the second The National Museum of Computing. Although there was much to see, I got a thorough inside into both.

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The Third Week

It’s been a while since my last blog entry. My parents arrived last week and I’ve been spending time with them. On Wednesday and Thursday Nickolas and I got more done at work, including composing more letters and emails for clients no longer supported by the Cassel center. Going through a database of files, we also implemented a renaming scheme, applying it to thousands of files.

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